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The Church of Projectile Panties

Thnks fr th knkrs

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Welcome to thnksfrthknkrs - a hub of organisation for a Punk'd-style prank on Fall Out Boy.

On 29th January 2007, one British fan hurled a pair of shocking pink and electric blue panties onstage at the Hammersmith Palais - bearing the note, "Patrick - consider this an advance. XO♥".

On 2 April 2007, we followed up on this promise by launching a flashmob style assault of collected panties which, in a similar fashion, were tossed from the front row, ending up at the band's feet. From this date forward, through the Honda Civic tour in the US, it has been suggested that the joke should be continued at every date and we will probably be looking for local co-ordinators.

Feel free to let us know if you would like to offer your help!

However - and this is most important of all - do not mention this within earshot (literal or virtual) of the band themselves. We'd love to keep this a surprise - at least until the day of the Hammersmith show!

rosiedoes - Hammersmith Apollo, London; 2 April 2007
misslauradisco - Atlanta, 19 April 2007
lastimeforeverx &
lovelyloveleave - West Palm Beach, 21 April 2007
noelle19 - Moline, 15 May 2007
pyraterose - Minnesota, 16 May 2007
noelle19 - Milwaukee, 17 May 2007
slightly_frayed - Toronto, 26 May 2007
warming_embrace - Massachusetts, 31 May 2007
xafireinside35x - Connecticut, 2 June 2007
spanish_web - Merriweather, 4 June 2007
punky_dancer - Chicago, 11 June 2007